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Reflections on Part 5 report

The feedback from Part 5 was done via Google Hangout. My tutor has explained that I need to better articulate my thoughts about my work, and to reflect at a deeper level on what I am doing. This is a... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1: Writing a review – reworked

Review of the book “Agnes Martin” The book “Agnes Martin”, produced by DIA is a collection of ten different critiques on Agnes Martin´s works. There are also few tables collecting some of her works. For those not familiar with Martin´s... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook Part 5

Sketchbook Part 4

The Venice Art Biennale 2019 – The Arsenale

I am lucky enough to live very close to Venice, so this year I went to see the Biennale in Venice. So far I have managed only to visit the works presented in the Arsenale and the Lithuanian Pavillon, but... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Subject selection and reflections

Subject selection and Artists that influenced my works For this series of works I have decided to further expand the theme I have started to develop during my Printmaking 1 studies. When I had to prepare my final series of... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Painting 4

For Painting 4 I wanted to use one of the techniques I have tried in Part 5: the dribbling and spattering I have experimented using the painting knife. I have started by painting a mid tone gray background obtained by... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Painting 3

For Painting 3 I made a collage out of discarded prints I have made in the past for a print exchange (MiniPrintPaese 2019, Paese, VI, Italy) (1). The idea to use collaged prints is not a first, as I have... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Painting 2

For the second painting I have firstly made a drawing of the rocks, then I added titanium white oil colour using a painting knife. After adding the white, I proceeded adding the Payne´s Gray in the same way. I then... Continue Reading →

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