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Assignment 4

The brief for this Assignment was to paint a landscape of a minimum size of 60 x 90 cm. As I had nothing of this size I went to the shop to buy something of the right size. The only... Continue Reading →


Exercise 5: Aerial perspective

The first thing I have noticed when I read the exercise briefing was that I finally understood what this exercise meant (contrary to the same exercise I had to do for Drawing 1). Finally the brief was clear on the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4: Linear Perspective

For this painting I have used as reference a picture I took wile walking in the district of Gion in Kyoto. I started to paint the background with watercolour, to give more depth to the painting. After the paint was... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2: View from a window or doorway

Raoul Dufy was a French Fauvist painter, and among other interests, also a printmaker. He painted Mediterranean views from windows showing both the interior of the room and the view outside the window. Gwen John was a Welsh artist. Contrary... Continue Reading →

Reflection on tutor feedback on Assignment 3

Drawing the human figure One of the comments my tutor made on the paintings produced for part 3 was that I need to write more on each of the exercises. She is right. I have the tendency to leave the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 7: Painting a landscape outside

This exercise was made during an unplanned visit to what it used to be my grandparents house in Montefalcone Appennino (Italy). I have grabbed my supplies and diluents, a small block of Canson painting paper and my easel. The place... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3: Hard or soft landscape

I have decided to do a hard landscape, painting the complex of buildings found on my Grandparents house in Montefalcone Appennino. The house has been damaged by the 30th October 2016 earthquake. I wanted to paint the damage of the... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1: Writing a review

Review of the book “Agnes Martin” The first time I have encountered Agnes Martin´s works was during my University studies in printmaking. My tutor at the time mentioned her works, as I was interested in the symmetry found in nature.... Continue Reading →

Reflection on tutor feedback on Assignment 2

Understanding colour My tutor suggested to practice more the gray scale exercise. Although I have promised I will do it, I didn´t yet find time to practice it. But I haven't forgotten that this is something I have to do,... Continue Reading →

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