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Assignment 4

Task 1 (Project 11) Critical statement  Demonstration of technical and visual skills The preparation of the first collagraph test plate was a disaster. Some improvements were made with the second test plate, for which I have chosen materials of similar... Continue Reading →


Research point: Collagraph artists

Long before to start working on Assignment 4 (in fact it was when I have just enrolled Printmaking 1), I have bought the book "Collagraphs and mixed media printmaking". It is a small book, slightly larger than a pocket size... Continue Reading →

Response to feedback: Assignment 3

My tutor´s report came few weeks ago, but only now I had the time to properly look at it and reflect on her suggestions and comments. Task 1 (Project 8) The labeling on the back of the drawings was difficult... Continue Reading →

Impressions from Hokusai and Eisen´s works at the Ara Pacis

In December I have visited an exposition dedicated to the works of Hokusai and Eisen, titled "HOKUSAI. Sulle orme del Maestro" (HOKUSAI. On the footprints of the Master).  It was a very nice exposition, staged at the Area Pacis in... Continue Reading →

Project 12 Collatype collage prints

For the collagraph project I decided to explore nature and science, and I was inspired by what I do during my daily working life. During the week I am working as Project Manager for a research centre, and I am... Continue Reading →

Project 11 Making a test collage block

This first attempt to prepare the collagraph plate was a bit of a disaster. I have forgot to take a picture of the materials used, but moving from the top left corner and going from left to right (Figure 1),... Continue Reading →

Printmaking workshop 2017

In August 2017 I took a 6 days printmaking workshop at the Dedalo Art Centre (1). The course was taken by the artist Colleen Corradi Brannigan (2). During the course we have explored several techniques: monoprints and monotypes, zinc plate etching, aquatint,... Continue Reading →

ArtVerona 2017

I have noted in my sketchbook three examples of prints I have seen during my visit to the annual art fair in Verona. There were very few prints shown, and the one described in my sketchbook are those that I... Continue Reading →

Contemporary printmakers

I have looked at contemporary relief printmakers from the Print Makers Council website (1). The styles are so different and interesting. The authors that have interested me more are Alison Bernal for her blind embossing combined with print (2); Jess... Continue Reading →

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