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Assignment 5 – preparative works

For the conclusive work of Drawing 1, I have examined the drawings done for the previous four parts. The parts I have felt more confidence towards were certainly parts 1 and 2, while I have struggled in part 3 and... Continue Reading →

Drawing portraits in big format – workshop with Maurizio Bonfanti

Maurizio Bonfanti is an Italian artist who lives in Bergamo, a city near Milan (1). His works consists in large paintings and drawings made on paper as support and ranging from human body, nature and the urban space (1). The the work of... Continue Reading →

Life drawing course – Damir May

Workshop with Damir May - 19.03.2016 The first lesson I have attended about life drawing was the Instructed Life-Like Figure Drawing Workshop organized by May Fine Art Studio in Wien (Austria). The workshop was in English and lasted about two hours and... Continue Reading →

Life drawing course – Mag. Melitta Wasserthal-Zuccari

Aktzeichen und -malen with Mag. Melitta Wasserthal-Zuccari Lesson 1 - 11.04.2016 During the first lesson I have produced 4 drawings. Each took approximately 30 minutes. The drawings made are displayed in the temporal sequence as they were made during the lesson. Unfortunately the... Continue Reading →

Life drawing course – with Igor Molin

Disegno dal vero e scuola di nudo con modello vivente with Igor Molin This time I have decided to enroll in a course in Italian, since I am lucky enough to live next door to the Accademia Cignaroli. The course is taught... Continue Reading →

Your first monoprints

Mono prints are unique prints, in the literal sense that colour is applied to make a drawing on a flat surface like glass or plexiglas. Then, the impression is transferred into paper by laying the paper on top of the... Continue Reading →

Collaborations: “Cross pollination”

This project is a voluntary collaboration to the project of Prof Hilary Lorenz titled "Cross Pollination" (1). The project consist in collecting 40.000 moths created using several techniques, as long as the moths are made in black and white. I have decided... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3: Experiment with mixed media

Some experiments made with mixed media are shown in the following examples. First of all, a rough sketch was made, in order to establish the drawing composition, Figure 1. The drawing was remade with a different composition in another quick... Continue Reading →

Research point: foreshortening

One of the most famous examples of painters using foreshortening is the Lamentation over the dead Christ of Mantegna. An example of a modern artist, as seen in ARTVERONA fair in 2016 is the Studio per Resurrectio Christi of Agostino Arrivabene, shown... Continue Reading →

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