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Research point: Edward and Richard Bawden

Edward and Richard Bawden used only limitedly the colour black in their multi colour block prints. Furthermore it would appear that colour is applied only in specific areas of the printing plate (1). Also colours are applied dark to light... Continue Reading →


Research point: contemporary artists

Last year, before to start studying Printmaking 1, I was visiting the Albertina Museum in Wien. The visit was part of a three days museum marathon I wanted to do before to leave Austria. At the time of my visit... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2

Selection of two printed test cuts (Project 5) Selection of single colour prints (Project 6) Three single colour linocuts Other single colour linocuts Selection of multi-block prints (Project 7) Three multi-block prints Single block prints Reflection Demonstration of technical and... Continue Reading →

Project 7: Multi-block linoprint

For this work I took inspiration, once again, from nature. A bumblebee was walking on top of one of my cactus and I took a picture. It was inspiration that made me decide to use it as the subject for... Continue Reading →

Project 5 Linocuts

I have carved an A4 size lino with the linocutting tools I had available, as described in the below Table. The corresponding inked lino is shown in Figure 1. L11/0.5 L11/2 L9/2 L8/3 L12/1 L15/2 L8a/7 Abig5 Abig4 Abig3 Abig2... Continue Reading →

Assignment 4: reworked

For Assignment 4 I have reworked the self-portrait and the reclining model. I have kept the concept of drawing my self-portrait on the maps of the cities I have lived in. The self-portrait was drawn on the collage of maps... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 – reworked

In order to rework the drawing made for Assignment 3, I have decided to make some experiments. I have used Stabilo markers: A test of markers and bleach:   Soft pastels Stabilo markers, water and salt Promaker markers and soft... Continue Reading →

Wedding presents

It is tradition in Italy to give a gift to the guests invited to your wedding. For my wedding with Luca, we have decided to give as gift a print. The first print made was made in the summer of... Continue Reading →

2017 International Printmaking Exchange

I have prepared 10 prints specifically for the 2017 International Print Exchange. The linocut was made using Pfeil L11/0.5 and it was printed on washi paper using oil based ink Stay Open Dense Black from Hawthorn. The title of the... Continue Reading →

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